Find Your Tee Bag

Find Your Tee Bag

Find Your Tee BagFind Your Tee BagFind Your Tee Bag

Special and One of a Kind

About Us

Goodfarken Design is a Canadian company that manufactures new & useful products from materials that were previously something else, and where their original purpose has been fulfilled.

What goes into a Goodfarken Tee Bag?

Every Goodfarken Tee Bag is handmade using reclaimed T-shirts and other salvaged materials  

Why is a Goodfarken Bag special?

Every single person wears T-shirts. Many shirts are just blank, however the ones we choose to repurpose into a Goodfarken Tee Bag are the special ones. The images and designs people wear on their T-shirts hold value to them. These images are often their favourite things: Bands, Brands, Teams, Places, Concerts and Special Events. Important things to people. We transform these special T-shirts into a Goodfarken Tee Bag by cutting them apart, sewing the parts onto a lining, and adding straps. We take pride in making great bags that have special meaning to the good folks that carry them.


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